Vikas Solegaonkar

Thane, Maharahtra, India


Software Developer

Currently Working as Tech Manager in Tech Mahindra

Enjoy mastering newer and newer technologies that provide direction to the world. Also a master of legacy technologies that continue to be the basis of all development. Over the years of experience, successfully implemented various projects that required expertise in technologies ranging from AI, AWS, Android, Web Development, Data Science, JavaScript, Python, Java, Databases as well as Realtime Embedded Systems. Always eager to learn more and do more.


Author of a technical blog that can help you learn and stay updated with the latest trends in technology.


The source code of my professional projects is never posted on any public forums. And I never hide any project I work for fun. You can check out these projects on Github.


B.Tech from IIT Bombay
Received prime education from Indian Institute of Technology. B.Tech in Electrical Engineering.


AI, Neural Networks



Amature Photographer
Apart from being an IT Professional, I enjoy most of my time being outdoors. Photography is my passion. I often spend weekends, trekking with my camera. I author a blog on various aspects of Photography that I have learnt over the years. Albums of my photographs are hosted on this page as well as social media.
I also author a blog on Photography and techniques of Photography that I have learnt from various sources


Love Nature, Live Nature
Fascinated by the principles of Permaculture, I try my best to contribute to Nature in whatever way I can.